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Application for Admissions

Domestic students:

Applying for admission or via joint college assigned-subject examination.

Non-domestic students:

International students, overseas Chinese Students, foreign exchange students and mainland Chinese students, please visit the university's site for more information. (Chinese) or  (English)or (English)



Admission Quota:2

Admission Evaluation:Documents Review

Additional Documents Required:

1.Autobiography (300 words, hand-written, in Chinese)

2.Study plan (600 words in Chinese, 300 words in English)

3.Two recommendation letters (in English).

4.A proof of Chinese proficiency with a minimum TOCFL level 3 or other equivalent proofs (exemption: applicants who are native Chinese speakers or have received their previous degree in a Chinese-speaking country).

Remarks:Most courses are taught in Chinese, so applicants need to have command of the four skills (listening, speaking, reading, and writing) of Chinese language.


【 How to Apply】
Please go online to apply and submit required documents by the application deadline. FJCU doesnot accept hard copy applications.

【 Admission Brochure Fall 2021】