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Graduation Requirements

【Course Credits】 --- 128 credits

【English Proficiency】
Students are required to have taken an English proficiency test by the end of their 3th year, and have achieved a standard equivalent to the CEF Threshold level (e.g. a TOEIC score of 550 or above, or the GEPT Intermediate level).

【Graduate special project】
Students in their 4th and final year are required to take the mandatory year-long course, "Thesis/Graduation Project," in which they must create for  Film 、Animation or TV program, etc to demonstrate their accumulated knowledge and skills.  

【Academic Regulations】

Revisions passed at the Meeting of the Departmental Affairs Council for the First Semester of the 2017-2018 Academic Year on January 9, 2018
Article 1:The Regulations were formulated in accordance with Article 40 of Fu Jen Catholic University Academic Policies.

Article 2:Course, credit, and proficiency test requirements of the Department of Communication Arts (hereinafter “the Department”):

  • (1) Courses required by the University: Academic Advising (0 credits, 8 semesters), Military Training Courses (0 credits, 2 semesters)
  • (2) Holistic Education Fundamental Courses: 8 credits
  • (3) Holistic Education Core Abilities Courses: 12 credits
  • (4) Holistic Education General Education Courses: 12 credits
  • (5) Required courses: 39 credits
  • (6) Electives (including discipline-specific electives hosted by the Department): minimum of 33 credits.
         1. Combined total of required and elective courses: 64-72 credits
         2. The number of elective credits may not be less than ten percent (10 credits) of the total number of discipline-specific credits.
  • (7) Courses taught exclusively in English: 4 credits
  • (8) A total of 128 credits are required for graduation. This number includes credits from the following categories: courses required by the University, courses from the Holistic Education curriculum (Fundamental Courses, Core Abilities Courses, General Education Courses), courses required by the College, discipline-specific required courses, and elective courses.
  • (9) Students who enrolled in the 2018-2019 academic year or afterward must pass a proficiency test in information literacy. Test methods and standards will be handled in accordance with Fu Jen Catholic University Regulations Governing Tests for Fundamental Skills.

Article 3:Students must earn one of the following grades on an English proficiency test and submit proof before completing their first year in the program: a grade of 550 on TOEIC; intermediate level on the first and second stage of the GEPT; or an equivalent grade on another English proficiency test. A student who does not meet the standards above must take the test once more (academic transcripts will not include whether or not the student met the required standard) in order to graduate.
If a student earned one of the grades above before enrolling in the program, they may apply for an exemption. However, the grade must have been earned no more than two years before enrollment.

Article 4:Students enrolled in the Department may not register in a course for students in a higher year of study.

Article 5:Regulations on prerequisites for required courses and electives will be determined in accordance with decisions of the Curriculum Committee.

Article 6:In their final year, students use the professional knowledge accumulated during their study in the program to create a finished work either by themselves or as part of a group. The work must be displayed in public in order for a student to be eligible to graduate. Only students in fourth year may take Graduation Project and exhibit their work. (Students delaying degree completion are exempt from this restriction.)

Article 7:Any matters not covered in the Regulations will be handled in accordance with Fu Jen Catholic University Academic Policies and related regulations.

Article 8:The Regulations were passed by the Departmental Affairs Council and the College Affairs Council, and will be implemented upon approval of the Academic Affairs Council. The same procedure will be followed for each amendment.